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Telescope Casual, like The Mad Hatter, is family owned and operated; its heritage can be traced back to an early 20th century, cot manufacturer in New York City. Though the company has aged over 100 years and has evolved its product line, Telescope Casual has maintained its reputation of providing the “highest level of Quality, Design, Comfort, Selection and Fast/Consistent Delivery.” What we find most notable about the company is its environmental awareness.

For ethical and economic reasons, Telescope Casual Furniture has utilized recycled products for over 30 years and boasts the company “was green before green was popular.” The waste (though the term “waste” is a misnomer) from their wood operations is used to heat their manufacturing facility and has reduced the consumption of fuel oil by 24 million gallons! Their product itself is crafted from 30% recycled materials.

The Mad Hatter respects Telescope Casual’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint; we have also taken our own steps toward our goal of providing an environmentally conscientious service.